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Monday, July 31, 2017

Open yourself to new dimensions by working on your Chakras.

According to the ancient teachings of yoga, the chakras are vital energy centers within the body. To a great extent the energy within the chakras determines our physical, mental and spiritual health and well being. Those who seek good health and spiritual growth should understand and explore your own chakra system and determine where  your strengths lie and what you need to work on. Learning to activate your chakras will harmonise the energy of your chakras that will change your entire outlook on life.

Chakras are centres of awareness in the human body. These energy centres are neither physical nor anatomical. They are found in the subtler energy system. The chakras influence cells, organs, and the entire hormone system and affect one’s thoughts and feelings. They are also centres of psychic energy.

Well aligned Chakras
By activating, aligning, and healing chakras you can improve the condition of your energy system. Through simple exercises you can raise your level of energy and strengthen your powers of intuition. You will learn to recognise sickness and problems that arise from energy blockages and find ways to dissolve these blockages.

By activating, aligning, and healing chakras you can also improve your physical health. Its positive effects include stimulation of the metabolism, detoxification, and strengthening of the immune system by infusing cells and organs with healing energy.

Misaligned Chakras
Chakras are not just energy centres. They are centres of awareness as well. Over time, you can help resolve psychological afflictions such as anxiety, stress and depression. You can look forward experiencing serenity, happiness and inner peace within a short period.

In traditional writings, we read that there are up to 88,000 chakras. But the most important and most widely recognized chakras are seven. These seven chakras are aligned on the spinal column. These seven chakras  symbolize different stages of human development.

At each level of awareness corresponding to one of the seven chakras, you trigger a learning process through the spiritual practice of chakra work, that will lead to greater intensity and awareness.

·      Through the unfolding of the first chakra (Root Chakra), you will learn to say yes to life and discover the source of life energy.
·      When you awaken the second chakra (Sacral Chakra), you will be able to affirm your sexuality and sensual nature and feel at home in your own body.
·      Developing the third chakra (Solar plexus), allows you to say yes to yourself and find the inner strength to reach your goals.
·      By activating fourth chakra (Heart Chakra), you will come to say yes to love and develop compassion.
·      With the unfolding of fifth chakra (Throat Chakra), you will say yes to your creative potential and perfect your communication with others.
·      Developing sixth chakra (Third eye), brings contact with your higher self and sparks the power of intuition.
·      Through the unfolding of the seventh chakra (Crown Chakra), you begin to approach the Divine and realize the true source of all being.

As already mentioned, chakra work is a holistic method. When you align all your chakras, you begin to open these energy centers, and you will experience positive changes in all aspects of your life. By awakening and strenthening your chakras, you will enhance your physical well-being, improve your relationships with your partner, friends, colleagues, and other people around you. It will help you to dissolve sexual and emotional blocks that lead to anxiety and depression.

Finally, you will gain a better understanding of the work you were meant to do and the goals you ought to pursue. You will realize the sense of assuredness that derives from intuitively knowing what direction you want to take in life.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

How and why you get Wheezing & Asthma??

Wheezing occurs when the small airways of the lungs become narrow or constricted. This makes it difficult to breathe, and can cause a whistling sound when breathing out. Wheezing can be a symptom of asthma where a combination of swelling, mucus and muscles tightening can cause narrowing of the airways.

We all are well aware of this and we know how difficult one's life becomes when suffer from this condition.

But do we know why do we get into this condition? What causes the airways of the lungs to become narrow? What is the reason behind the muscles tightening around the air ways causing it to narrow down?

There are many reasons set to cause this condition. The cold weather, pollution in the air, pollens, air conditioning, environment with heavy dust...etc are normally considered to be the root cause of the problem.

But the question is, why these conditions do not cause wheezing and Asthma in everybody? Why only certain people are affected by these conditions? If the mechanism of breathing and the technicalities of "Respiratory System" are exactly the same in all human beings, why only few are affected, leaving the others in exactly the same environment completely unaffected? 

Ever wondered why?

If you have a wheezing and Asthma, you will find that you usually have no problem in inhaling but have difficulty in exhaling. Your body is signalling that you want to take on too much. You take on more than you can do and have great difficulty giving some back. You will not admit any limitation, even to yourself. You want to seem stronger than you are just to be loved by others. You also want things to be done your way, and when that does not happen, as asthma attack is just the excuse you need to not be as strong as you seem. 

The boy is studying in 8th standard and has been suffering from wheezing for about 3 years. He is presently under medication including nebulisation and inhaler (or puffer). During winter in Bangalore the boy takes nebulisation daily and the puffer is required at least twice in the nights.

The boy was brought to me for a personal health coaching. After a brief discussion with the parents, I started interacting with the boy privately. 

Rajesh (name changed for the sake of anonymity) is a very nice, soft spoken and highly obedient boy. He cannot say "No" to any body. He is good in his studies and he wants to become a scientist. As I keep probing further after building good rapport with him, he reveals that he is frustrated in life because he is not able to spend enough time with his studies and he is not able to find time to conduct some interesting science experiments that he wants to do at home. When I asked him what he does with his free time, he said he doesn't have any free time because he goes for Tennis coaching  in the morning and goes for Violin class in the evening. His father, a business man, wants him to play Tennis and his mother wants him to learn Violin. 

Do you want to play Tennis?, I asked.
Hypnotherapy training in bangalore
He said "NO". "My father loves Tennis and he watches all the matches that happen across the world, and he can tell you how many aces that Pete Sampras has served in all the Wimbledon matches that he played. He is so passionate about Tennis and he wants me to be a good Tennis player". 

I asked him again,..."but, do you want to play Tennis?" 
He said "NO". 
Have you ever told your dad that you don't want to play Tennis?
"No, he will be very disappointed and I don't want to upset him"  Rajesh replied.

Ok, What about Violin? Are you interested in learning Violin? I asked. 
He said " I am learning it because it is my mom's wish, and I can't upset her by saying "No"

Now I hit the root cause of the problem. 

I asked him, if I could help him come out of both Tennis and Violin, will be he fine. 
He hesitatingly said "yes", very concerned about making his parents upset. 

After giving him enough assurance, he agreed. Then I had a open discussion with mother, father and the son about his interest, and the burden that he is carrying on behalf of parents. Both the parents agreed that he can stop from Tennis and Violin classes and readily accepted to set up a small laboratory at home for his science experiments. 

I gave next appointment after a week. When they visited after a week, I was informed that there was no need for nebulisation after the previous session, but the boy is taking inhaler once in a while. After another session, where the boy released all the anger on parents for all his suffocation, the wheezing completely stopped. 

The boy was taking much more than what he can do and he could not say "No" to his parents and that suffocated him fully causing him the wheezing.

When energy in motion - "emotion" is not expressed fully out, it goes back inside the body and gets locked in some organ and the organ begins to suffer, putting body at dis-ease. When we can recognise the stuck emotion and deal with that and release, body returns to ease. 

What emotion are you holding on inside your body and what are you dealing with?


Friday, December 25, 2015

The most fascinating aspect of Human Body - The Chakras...!!

Chakras are energy centres which govern the subtle, psychosomatic aspects of our inner being. This Sanskrit term means wheel or disk, and when the chakras are awakened, they turn in a clockwise direction. The chakras open up like flowers and pour out their qualities re-establishing our inner balance and restoring our health and form.
Of the many chakras within the human body, seven have been identified as major. Chakras are first mentioned in the Vedas, ancient Hindu texts of knowledge.
The major chakras are whirling energy centers, which in general are about three to four inches in diameter. They control and energize the vital organs of the visible physical body, and work like power stations to supply life energy to them.
When the power station malfunctions, the vital organs become sick or diseased, because they lack the enough life energy to operate properly. Minor chakras are about one to two inches in diameter and the mini chakras are even smaller. Both the minor and mini chakras control and energize the less important parts of the visible physical body. In general, the chakras interpenetrate and extend beyond the visible physical body.

The conventional system has seven charkas. Each of the chakras in the body is paired with an endocrine gland and governs its function.
    1. Mooladhara Chakra (Root Chakra)
    "Moola" means root, and "adhara" the support. This chakra brings support and protection to the roots at Mooladhara, to the Kundalini, and to the whole subtle system. It is at the base of the left channel. It controls the pelvic plexus and gives innocence and wisdom. This Chakra corresponds to the reproductive glands (testes in men; ovaries in women)
    2. Swadhistana Chakra (Sacral Chakra)
    This centre gravitates around the Nabhi, providing support for its action and creating the area of the Void. It symbolizes the creative sense within us. When the Kundalini rises, it enters the Nabhi, goes down to the Swadhistan and up again to the Nabhi. This chakra  corresponds to the Adrenal Gland
    3. Manipuraha Chakra (Solar Plexus)
    This centre is the seat of our attention, and it transmits material well-being and inner peace. This chakra is corresponding to the Pancreas.
     4. Anahata Chakra (Heart Chakra)
    Situated behind the sternum, where antibodies are produced to protect our subtle system. This chakra gives a sense of security. It controls the heart plexus. This chakra is corresponding to the Thymus gland.

     5. Vishuddhi Chakra (Throat Chakra)
    Situated in the neck and the throat, this centre is in charge of every aspect of communication between human beings. From a physical point of view, it controls the cervical plexus. It governs the five senses and enables us to achieve the witness state. This chakra is corresponding to the Thyroid gland.
     6. Agnya Chakra (Third Eye)
    Situated in the middle of the forehead,at the optic chiasm, where the channels of the subtle system cross. The agnya is the straight and narrow way leading to the Kingdom of Heaven, the state of thoughtless awareness. This chakra is corresponding to Pituitary gland. 
     7. Sahasrara Chakra (Crown Chakra)
    Situated in the limbic area, it represents the integration of all the chakras and all the aspects of the Divine within us. The Sahasrara is the destination, a holy place filled with the silence and the bliss of the Spirit. This chakra is corresponding to Pineal gland.
    Relationship between Energy body and Physical Body
    Both the energy body and the visible physical body are so closely related that what affects one, affects the other and vice-versa. For instance, if the bioplasmic throat is weakened, then this may manifest on the visible physical body as cough, cold, sore throat, tonsillitis or other throat-related problems. Should a person accidentally cut his skin, there is a corresponding pranic leak in the area where there is bleeding. Initially, the affected area where there is a cut or sprain would become temporarily brighter due to pranic leak but would inevitably become grayish because of pranic depletion. If any part of the energy body is weakened either because of pranic congestion or depletion, the visible physical counterpart would either malfunction or become susceptible to infection. For example, a depleted solar plexus and liver may manifest as jaundice or hepatitis.
    From the given examples, it becomes quite clear that the energy body and the visible physical body affect each other. By healing the energy body, the visible physical body gets healed in the process. This is called the Law of Correspondence. By regularly cleansing and energizing with prana, we can maintain the health of our physical body.
    Understand this beautiful system in detail in our Chakra Healing workshop which is scheduled periodically at our Tranquil Gardens Training centre. Visit for schedule of our programs.

    Saturday, November 21, 2015

    What others can do, you can also do. Inferiority complex is needless.

    Do you feel that you are not as good as others? Do you think some other people have more power than you? Do you think they have more capability than you?..

    Just think about a particular brand / model of car, say for example Maruti Swift. All the Maruti / Swift cars that are running on the road have been manufactured exactly with the same capability. All have same engine, same gearbox, same braking system, same axels, etc. So fundamentally they are all exactly same. They may vary in seat covers, some gadgets, etc. Some people drive this car at 100 km per hour and very happy and enjoying the drive. But there are some others who are scared to cross 60 km per hour. Where do you think is the problem? Does car have any limitation? No. All cars are equal in terms of capability; only the person who drives has all the limitations.  

    The human system is exactly the same. No one is better than others, no one is lesser than others. How you use your potential is your choice. Some people use their potential to achieve bigger things while other people settle for mediocre life.

    So, realize that, you have everything that you need to succeed in life. You just have to begin today!! / +91-9980102628

    Tuesday, November 3, 2015

    Welcome difficulties and problems of life, they are for our good

    Always remember there is reason for everything that happens. Nothing happens by chance or accident. Universe has a certain order and everything is bound by a relationship of cause and effect. For every effect there is a cause. Whatever is happening to you right now is because you have put certain causes into operation in the past and unless all those causes are gradually worked out in the form of effects and no fresh causes are generated by us, we will not be free and happy for ever. 

    Based on the above knowledge, alter your mental attitude in confronting various incidents and problems of life. Don’t view them as burden coming to you out of nowhere. Consider all problems as projects and as means to grow and remain even minded in success / not success, gain / loss, praise / insult, so as to stop any fresh bondage of karma. It is not the incidents and events which are important but our mental attitude and reaction towards them. That is why it has been aptly said that “world is neither good or bad. It depends upon how we look at it” or in other words, it depends on the state of our mind. Whatever is within us, same appears to us outside.

    your thoughts are welcome: